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Cappella di San BrizioMuseo dell’Opera del DuomoMuseo Archeologico NazionaleNecropoli del Crocifisso del TufoMuseo Etrusco Claudio FainaPozzo di San PatrizioOrvieto UndergroundPozzo della CavaTorre del MoroSpostarsi con i Mezzi Pubblici

Recently restored, the vaults where Signorelli continued Fra Angelico’s project illustrating the Last Judgment are more brilliant than ever. A once upon a lifetime experience.



Sundays and holidays:

Nov/Feb: 9.30 AM-1 PM, 2.30 PM-5 PM

Apr/Sept: 9.30 AM – 7 PM

Mar and Oct: 9.30 AM – 6 PM

Nov/Feb: 2.30 PM – 4.30 PM

Mar and Oct: 12.30 AM – 4.30 PM

Apr/Sept: 12.30 AM – 5.30 PM

Cappella di San Brizio


Nov/Feb: 7.30 AM-1 PM, 2.30 PM-5.30 PM

Mar and Oct: 7.30 AM – 6.30 PM

Apr/Sept: 7.30 AM – 7.30 PM

Tourist groups are limited to 25 persons at a time. For groups reservations are advised. Tourist visits are not allowed during church services.

INFO: Opera del Duomo
P.zza Duomo, 26
Tel. 0763/342477
Fax 0763/340336
e-mail: opsm@opsm.it




The “Palazzi Papali”, an extraordinary medieval architectural complex next to the cathedral, present a series of paintings and sculptures of great historical and artistic value,  which reflects the rich and vast patrimony collected and preserved by Opera del Duomo, reaffirming its original strong bond with the city and the territory.



10AM-1 PM/2 PM-5 PM

Closed on Tuesdays

Mar- Oct

10 AM-5 PM

Closed on Tuesdays


9.30 AM-7 PM

Guided tours upon request  with a supplement

INFO: Museo dell’Opera del Duomo

Piazza Duomo-Palazzo Soliano
Tel. 0763/343592
e-mail opsm@opsm.it


Museo Archeologico Nazionale Orvieto

Located in the medieval Palazzo Papale, the museum holds findings from necropolises in the Orvieto area. The outstanding collection includes the “buccheri”, Etruscan and Attic ceramics and among the bronzes a full suit of armor, composed of a helmet, cuirass, shin guards and shield. Of particular interest is the area with the two famous painted chamber tombs from Porano.


Every day

8.30 AM-7.30 PM

INFO: Museo Archeologico

Nazionale – Piazza Duomo

Palazzo Papale


sito web

Necropoli del Crocefisso del tufo


At the foot of the northern side of Orvieto the Etruscan necropolis of Crocifisso del Tufo is one of the major funerary areas of the ancient Etruscan city. As a result of a “town” plan elaborated around the 6th century BC, it maintained the presence of more ancient tombs discovered during the excavations. The large number of inscriptions left on the tombs are perhaps the most consistent epigraphic testimony of the Archaic age, referring to a single town community.


Daylight Saving Time

10.15 AM-6.45 PM

Standard Time

10.15 AM-3.45 PM


INFO: Necropoli del Crocifisso

del Tufo – S.S. 71-km 1.6


sito web


Museo Claudio Faina Orvieto

One of the most prestigious Italian archaeological collections with finds from the necropolis around Orvieto. An itinerary,  also studied for young people, brings you Etruscan buccheros, bronzes, jewelry, Attic and Etruscan vases and the “Venus” of Cannicella


Apr-Sept        Oct-Mar

Closed Mondays from November to February.

Guided tours upon request with a supplement also in other hours

9:30 AM-6 PM

10 AM-5 PM

of Euro 2.00 per person (minimum 15 person groups)


INFO: Museo Etrusco “Claudio Faina”


Piazza Duomo, 29

Tel. 0763/341511 Fax 0763/341250

sito web

e-mail info@museofaina.it


Pozzo San Patrizio Orvieto

Unique design of Antonio da Sangallo theYounger, built in 1527. The well is 54 mt deep and 13 mt wide and it is equipped with a double helix staircase that you can walk down and come back up again without retracing your steps. An inscription on the well boasts that QUOD NATURA MUNIMENTO INVIDERAT INDUSTRIA ADIECIT (what nature fell short of providing was added by the labor “of man”), to celebrate the strength of human engineering.


Nov/Feb 10 AM-4.45 PM

Mar/Apr/Sept/Oct 9 AM-6.45 PM

May/Aug 9 AM-7.45 PM

INFO: Pozzo di San Patrizio

Viale Sangallo


email: info@cooperativaluigicarli.it

sito web


Orvieto, city of a thousand caves. A fascinating visit to the man-made caves and cavities to help you understand the story of this city on a tufa plateau.


Every day at 11 AM and 12:15 PM, 4 PM and 5:15 PM.

Departure from Piazza Duomo, 23.

Tours in Italian, English Other hours upon request.

For groups of more than 15 persons tours can also be arranged for other hours.

INFO: Speleotecnica s.r.l.

Tel. 0763/344891 o 0763/340688

Tel. 347/3831472 o 339/7332764

email: info@orvietounderground.it

sito web


A striking underground complex in the heart of the medieval quarter of Orvieto. An unusual testimony of the city’s history through nine caves rich of Etruscan, Medieval and Renaissance archaeological findings that were brought tolight during the excavations of the well ordered by Pope Clement VII before commissioning Saint Patrick’s Well.


Every day 9 AM-8 PM

Closed on Mondays (except public holidays) and 2nd half of January

From 23rd December to the first Sunday after 6th of January, it will be also possible to visit the “Presepe

nel Pozzo”.

INFO: Pozzo della Cava

Via della Cava, 28

Tel.0763/342373 Fax 0763/341029

email: info@pozzodellacava.it

sito web


A bird’s eye view of Orvieto from the medieval tower. The eye sweeps the horizon with its hamlets and castles that bear witness to the power that was of the medieval city.



10 AM-7 PM

May/Aug 10 AM-8 PM


10:30 AM-16.30 PM

INFO: Cooperativa Luigi Carli

Corso Cavour, 87

Tel. 0763/344567

email: info@cooperativaluigicarli.it

sito web


Mezzi Pubblici Orvieto

Courtesy transportation as follows:

round-trip ticket Funicular+minibus Circolare A – Circolare C

Info  (download pdf  info)


Weekdays: 7:15 AM – 8:30 PM

Sundays and holidays: 8:00 AM – 8:30 PM


Office Orvieto: Tel. 0763/301224 F ax 301353

Main office: Tel. 0744/59541 Fax 407063



A single DISCOUNT is given by the categories listed below upon presentation of a valid Carta Unica by the individual holder.  The discount on lodgings is per individual card holder.



WHERE TO EAT…?          WHERE TO SLEEP…?             SHOPPING…?


Trattoria tipica LA PALOMBA     Save 5%

For fifty years the CINTI family has been running this family restaurant located in one of the most characteristic quarters of the Historical Center of Orvieto, near the City Hall. Typical Orvieto specialties just as they used to be. Discount only for payments in cash, not for credit cards.  Closed Wednesdays – Via Cipriano Manente, 16 – Tel. 0763.343395

IL MALANDRINO Bistrot       Save 10%

Just right for any time of the day, from lunch to the evening aperitif, supper, cocktails and after-dinner spirits. The finest food and wines will tickle your palate. Main courses with fresh ingredients, cured meats and outstanding cheeses, exquisite pastries. Live music weekends, ranging from jazz to swing. Closed Wednesdays – Via Garibaldi, 20 – Tel. 0763.344315 – Cell. 3289727472

Ristorante al S. FRANCESCO     Save 10%

A few steps from the Cathedral, the restaurant offers an a la carte menu and self-service for individuals and groups. In summer, tables outside. Evenings pizzeria.  Via B. Cerretti, 10 – Tel. 0763.343302    www.ristorantealsanfrancesco.it – info@ristorantealsanfrancesco.it

Ristorante ANTICO BUCCHERO        Save 10%

Bucchero pottery is the symbol of this restaurant which in keeping with its Etruscan connections combines the flavors of old traditions with more modern dishes.  Closed Wednesdays. Open all day from April to October, with outdoor garden. – Via dei Cartari, 4 – Tel. 0763.341725

Trattoria LA GROTTA      Save 5%

One of the oldest restaurants in the city. Strictly local cuisine with excellent Italian and foreign wines. Specialties: pappardelle with boar sauce, ravioli with truffles, wild boar and lamb. Closed Tuesdays – Via L. Signorelli, 5 – Tel. 0763.341348 – Sito Web –lagrotta@teletu.it

Trattoria del MORO DA ARONNE       Save 5%

Family-run trattoria, 30 meters from Piazza del Popolo, serves typical local specialties: carbonara with fava beans and pork jowl bacon, pasta nests with honey and pecorino, wild boar in sweet and pungent sauce.  Closed Tuesdays – Via S. Leonardo, 7 – Tel. 0763.342763 

Osteria ANTICA CANTINA Osteria delle Donne    10% discount on a la carte menu

It‘s an opportunity to discover the quality and authenticity of a cuisine that tradition has handed down.

Vegetarian and vegan food available.  – P.zza Monaldeschi, 18/19 – Tel. 0763.344746 –Sito Web – info@anticacantinaorvieto.it

L’OSTE DEL RE   10% discount on minimum orders of  € 10.00

Sandwiches with roast pork and typical Umbrian cured meats for a quick lunch or a delectable meal. Discount only on payments in cash, not credit cards. Always open – Corso Cavour, 127 – Tel. 0763.343846

Trattoria tipica LA PERGOLA     Save 5%

Typical Orvieto cuisine, familyrun since 1975. A few steps from the Cathedral. Closed Wednesdays – also Tuesday evenings in winter Closed Wednesdays – Via dei Magoni, 9/B – Tel. 0763.343065 lapergolaorvieto@gmail.com

CHARLIE Pizzeria con cucina    Save 10%

Open for lunch and dinner, with a spacious garden at the foot of a historic tower dating to 1290. Pizza made with starter, easier to diest and enhancing the taste. Most of our dishes use local products. Closed Tuesdays. In winter also closed for lunch – Via Loggia dei Mercanti, 14 – Tel. 0763.344766 – info@pizzeriacharlieorvieto.it

Trattoria da CARLO      Save 5%

A trattoria with genuine and typical cuisine. We are open every day – Vicolo del Popolo, 9 -Tel. 0763.343916 – Cell. 3461824711

Ristorante IL COCCO     Save 5%

Typical restaurant in the Historical Center a few steps from the City Hall. Characteristic Orvieto cuisine. Open every day during the summer – Via Garibaldi, 6 – Orvieto – Tel. e Fax 0763.342319


Typical restaurant – Pizzeria with woodburning oven. In the medieval heart of Orvieto ten meters from the “Campo della Fiera” parking lot elevator exit to the Historical Center. The restaurant is in a fascinating man-made cave, in which rope was once made. Now a restaurant where one can enjoy the traditional flavors with that new unusual and harmonious touch: truffles, mushrooms, game. Or delight in the varieties of temptingly served seafood or enjoy the fragrant pizza from the woodburning oven. – Via Ripa Serancia, 41 – 05018 Orvieto – Tel. 0763.343276 – Sito Web – info@grottedelfunaro.it


Trattoria CORSICA     Save 10%

Right next to the historical center and the parks, with local truffles, selected meats, menus of the day to be enjoyed under the arbor. –  Piazza Angelo da Orvieto, 7 – Tel. 347 7533949


FRANTOIO BARTOLOMEI Oleoteca con cucina        Save 10%

OLEOTECA with kitchen, a tavern where one can dine at 0 km and above all taste the extra virgin olive oil of our production. You can visit our OLIVE MILL, with the carta unica you’ll have a 10% discount on products (oil-olives-olive specialtieswines- olive wood crafts, olive oil cosmetics) and free entry to the OLIVE OIL MUSEUM. At our OLEOTECA with kitchen in Orvieto, a complimentary 250 ml. bottle of oil for two in addition to the 10% discount on purchases. In summer dining is outside. – Via Cagnano, 6 – Montecchio – Tel. 0744.951395- Sito Web – Corso Cavour, 49 – Orvieto – Tel. 0763.344540


Hotel PALAZZO PICCOLOMINI    Discount 5% for Carta Unica holders

The sixteenth-century palazzo is in the heart of the Historical Center and not far from the Cathedral. Ideal for a relaxing vacation, business, or study.  Piazza Ranieri, 36 – Tel. 0763.341743 – 0763.341014 –  Sito Web  – info@palazzopiccolomini.it

LA MAGNOLIA Bed&Breakfast         Save 5%. Discount not to be combined

The residence is situated just 50 meters from the magnificent Cathedral. Situated in an ancient palace, La Magnolia B&B offers a small number of exquisitely restored rooms and apartments. Each room has its own bathroom, colour TV and bar fridge. Every apartment has a completely furnished kitchen, a spacious living room and a delightful terrace from which to enjoy the view.  – Via Duomo, 29 – Tel. 0763.342808 – 3494620733 – Sito Web  –info@bblamagnolia.it

ORVIETO IN TERRAZZA Bed&Breakfast         Save 5%

This charming apartment is located in the Historical Center of Orvieto, on the second floor of a fourteenth century palazzo, near the medieval quarter. Located in a peaceful quiet zone of the Historical Center, all the monuments of the City of Orvieto are within walking distance: from the Cathedral to the Palazzo del Capitano del Popolo to St. Patrick’s Well. A splendid panorama of the City can be had from the terrace. – Via della Pace, 1 – Orvieto      Cell. 3203299928 – Sito Web  –  info@orvietointerrazza.com

Hotel Ristorante Pizzeria VILLA CICONIA        Discount 5% for Carta Unica holders

Villa Ciconia is an elegant villa by the architect Ippolito Scalza dating to the sixteenth century, in the midst of an age-old park. It is located at the spot where the Chiani River and the Carcaione Stream run together, right outside Orvieto, 2 Km from the Firenze-Roma highway exit. The hotel has only 12 rooms, peaceful, unique and comfortable with windows overlooking the park, a solarium and a swimming pool open for guests in the summer. Restoration has maintained the original characteristics (thick walls, great beams, terra cotta floors), its original atmosphere and tranquility while guaranteeing up to date comfort. The restaurant on the ground floor is located in the main salon, with coffered wooden ceilings and painted with friezies of allegorical and landscape scenes. The stone fireplace is also attributed to Scalza. The cuisine of the restaurant, which currently includes a pizzeria, respects the local raw materials and proposes typical local cuisine. – Via dei Tigli, 69 –  Tel. 0763.305582 – Sito Web  –  villaciconia@libero.it



Alimentari CAPONERI    Save 10%

Caponeri grocery shop.  A fewsteps from P.zza della Repubblica, local salami and cheeses, Orvieto sweets and wines, you can have sandwishes prepared to order with our specialties. Open from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. and from 4:30 to 8:30 p.m. – Via Filippeschi, 31 – Tel. 0763.340273

I Sapori dell’Umbria e Bottega del Tartufo Save 10%

The Taste of Umbria and Truffle Shop, typical products.  Wine library with wines from all wineries in Umbria, legumes, cured meats, cheese and typical cookies/biscuits, pasta and special colored pasta, olive oil, truffles, sauces. – Corso Cavour, 119 Tel. 0763.342076

ARTE DEL CUOIO       Save 5%

The nature of the area, the traditional workmanship, the raw materials used, make these leather products quality items that will last for years. – Via dei Magoni, 9 (Via degli Artigiani) – Tel. 0763.344800

MENABO’ Idee regalo       Save 5%

In the lane just off the Corso, a few steps from the Torre del Moro, MENABO’ offers a wide range of carefully chosen articles for the home, fashion accessories and gifts. Vicolo del Popolo, 12/14 – Tel. 0763.393900 – menaboorvieto@libero.it

LAVANDA DEL LAGO        Save 10%

Products based on lavender including perfumes, creams, soaps, infusions, candles, interior decor. All organically grown Italian lavender – Corso Cavour, 283/285 – Orvieto – Tel. 0763.530035

MONDADORI Bookshop     Save  10%

Discount on all books and games not combinable with other promotions. 20,000 titles in stock Orvieto and Umbria guidebooks and maps BOOKS IN FOREIGN LANGUAGES: English, French, German, Spanish, Russian – Corso Cavour, 85-87 – Tel. 0763.344436